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  • dmzx/forumcountdown

    Forum Countdown extension display a countdown in your forums, just below the navbar. It can be configured in ACP.

    • JavaScript
    • extension
    • phpbb
    • forumcountdown
    new_releases1.0.0 1 star 3 file_download
  • dmzx/hidecodeforguests

    Hide code for guests extension.

    • PHP
    • extension
    • phpbb
    • hidecodeforguests
    new_releases1.0.0 1 star 5 file_download
  • dmzx/imageupload

    This extension will add an upload system for images to your forum.

    • PHP
    • extension
    • phpbb
    • imageUpload
    new_releases1.1.8 5 star 7 file_download
  • dmzx/ultimatepoints

    The Ultimate Points is an addition to your phpBB3 forum, where people can gain points and also are able to spend points, of course.

    • PHP
    • extension
    • phpbb
    • ultimatepoints
    new_releases1.2.7 12 star 4 file_download
  • getekid/cas

    CAS Authentication plugin

    • PHP
    new_releases2.0.1 2 star 27 file_download
  • gn36/forceguestusername

    This extension enforces that guests enter a username.

    • PHP
    new_releases1.0.0 0 star 15 file_download

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Ein(e) ´Phpbb Extension´  ist ein spezielles Paket bzw. eine Ergänzung für Phpbb

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